Social Design Network Exhibition

SOCIAL FUTURES: The first exhibition of the Social Design Network

Exhibition opening: 19 pm, 13 October 2021 @ MOME MASTER I. floor.

Opening speeches will be given by József Fülöp DLA, rector of MOME; Judit Osvárt, curator and project leader of Budapest Design Week; prof. Jonathan Ventura PhD, associate professor at Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem; and Janka Csernák, curator of the exhibition, social designer and researcher at MOME Innovation Centre

The exhibition can be visited 14-22 October with an immunity certificate.

“In short, man communicates with others. He is a “political animal,” not because he is a social animal, but because he is a solitary animal who cannot live in solitude.” (Vilem Flusser, What is Communication?).

The global events triggered by the current COVID-19 pandemic keep influencing us all, in all daily venues, for almost two years. As economic shifts influence our consumer behaviour and the ways we interact with each other, it is but natural that design as a discipline will change as well. Design education worldwide has also adapted to the new normal of the global pandemic while redefining its values and priorities. As economy, politics, social constructs and culture change in erratic ways, some theoreticians and practitioners agree that we need socially sensitive, human-centered solutions more than ever, focusing on real, tangible answers and social equity. Not only do we need to redefine the role of design as a discipline, we need to reconsider our species’ impacts on Earth and the way we communicate with others, be it human and non-human, as well as truly understand our place in this reality. 

The Social Design Network’s new initiative, the ‘Social Futures’ exhibition presents selected students projects and concepts developed in the institutions of the founding partners of the Social Design Network. This international selection of works features projects that respond to wider social issues, but are also applicable for life during and after a global pandemic. As is the temporal nature of design, we work in the present, aim for the future and reflect on the past. 

The final selection of student and graduation projects were arranged into four sections, which represent the Social Design Network’s core values as well:







This hybrid exhibition takes place on the new MOME Campus and can be visited both online and offline. The online exhibition takes place on a gallery website.

We invite you to take action, reflect, make a change, and be a part of the solution.