Architecture has a unique three sided face: on one hand it is a thousands of years’ old ancient craftsmanship, on the other it is an innovative, constantly evolving branch of science and thirdly, it is also creative arts. The Institute of Architecture supports its students in understanding and experiencing with this trinity, as at the core of this program lies the belief that those who can integrate and combine these seemingly contradictory aspects will be the architects producing the best pieces of (art)works both nowadays and in the future. The design assignments and projects are always encouraged to focus on the spatial, material and urban environmental problems of the individual and that of smaller or larger communities. The exploration in design starts from understanding the components and stretches until interpreting the whole picture, and finally until creating proposals that offer inventive and complex solutions for these issues. 


Degree programs


Head of Department
Tamás Getto, head of bachelor department
Csaba Kovács, head of institute
Balázs Marián DLA, head of master department, leader of master program
Laura Jóföldi, institute manager
Adrienn Tornyos-Varga, secretary of education
Ferenc Bazsó, art teacher
Zsófia Csomay, honorary professor
Tamás Getto, head of bachelor department
András Göde, associate professor
Csaba Kovács, head of institute
Ágnes Ligeti, senior lecturer
Márton Magyari, associate professor
Balázs Marián DLA, head of master department, leader of master program
Sándor Sólymos, associate professor
Péter Tímár, instructor
András Velősy, senior lecturer
Guest Lecturers
Dániel László Baló, sessional lecturer
Gergely Barcza, sessional lecturer
Tamás Bene, sessional lecturer
Marcell Benson, sessional lecturer
Tamás Börzsei, external lecturer
Péter Debreczeni, sessional lecturer
Krisztina Dobó, sessional lecturer
Bence László Dobos, sessional lecturer
Bori Fenyvesi, sessional lecturer
Gergely Hartmann, sessional lecturer
Éva Horányi, sessional lecturer
Manó Karlinger, sessional lecturer
Tamás Máté, sessional lecturer
Attila Nyári, sessional lecturer
Tamás Oltvai, sessional lecturer
Rita Pataky, sessional lecturer
Ferenc Radnóczi, sessional lecturer
Ferenc Vilmos Rajkai, sessional lecturer
Ákos Takács, sessional lecturer
Dominika Tihanyi, sessional lecturer
Zoltán V. Nagy, sessional lecturer
Imre Varga, sessional lecturer
Áron Vass-Eysen , sessional lecturer

Non-degree Courses

Introduction to parametric design

Parametric design course

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