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Design-driven research, development and innovation for impact
The Innovation Center conducts impactful, design-focused, interdisciplinary R&D projects, while also inspiring designers of the CEE region.

Research Hubs

The Innovation Center conducts research across four main fields, each represented by a separate hub.

Interdisciplinary research group focusing on tangible technology, dynamic surfaces, biomaterials, electronic textiles and soft robotics. They develop prototypes, research fabrication methodologies and create new materials.

Data collection is a daily practice in the 21st century but the stories behind the data are rarely unveiled. Data storytelling helps with interactive tools and narrative methods to show patterns that can help us make decisions.

In the Interaction and Immersion Hub we are looking at the design gaps of the Metaverse-like environments and we strive to create such prototypes that can have beneficial effect our mental health and also our daily life.

Developing and supporting practice based design research in order to seek opportunities for a more sustainable lifestyle and economy.


The Innovation Center creates value for student and faculty projects by transforming innovative ideas into more developed business concepts.

Core Activities

We offer a range of services and partnership opportunities. Interested? Reach out to us:

R&D Partnerships

Design-based research, commissioned research, joint grant applications and new product development.

Open Innovation

Meaningful student engagement in R&D and run needs-based hackathons and incubation programs.

Research on the CEE region's corporate design maturity.

Tailor-made Design Courses

Corporate trainings to strengthen design, innovation and research competences in real business operations.


How to make gastronomy truly sustainable? Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) and SALT Restaurant have reached a major milestone on the road to a circular culinary culture. Their collaborative research resulted in a new plate with zero environmental impact for the sustainable enjoyment of the best haute cuisine has to offer.

Launched jointly by the Foundation for Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design and the University, the Aurum Futuri excellence awards have been presented for the first time in MOME’s history. Nominations for the awards available for MOME’s most outstanding teachers and researchers can be made by both staff and students. The name of the award is a reference to the activities and values of the teachers and researchers shaping the future – the ‘gold of future’. This year’s Aurum Futuri excellence awards went to senior lecturer Fanni Csernátony DLA and Senior Researcher and Head of the Social Design Hub of the MOME Innovation Center Dr. Bori Fehér.

EJTECH’s most recent project Dung-Dkar Cloak made its debut at the Sound Scene 2023 Festival at Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C. The new media installation providing a unique musical experience will next be on display at the House of Music, Hungary as part of the Intermezzo Festival conceived by MOME students and taking place in early September. We asked the co-founders of EJTECH, research fellows at the MOME Innovation Center Judit Eszter Kárpáti and Esteban de la Torre about their work.


2023.09.28 09:00
2023.09.29 18:30

The two-day event will examine the cutting-edge technologies and latest breakthroughs in material research and explore new frontiers in sustainable design and manufacturing through showcasing new materials made from waste.
2023.10.16 09:00
2023.10.20 16:00

A 5-day intensive course to help you learn the business basics and the design thinking methodologies to develop an initial Proof ofConcept (PoC)!
2023.11.09 09:00
2023.11.10 19:00

The international SDN conference will bring together scholars from various disciplines to explore how design responds to and shapes our understanding of crises by encompassing a range of activities and interventions.


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