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Design-driven research, development and innovation for impact
The Innovation Center conducts impactful, design-focused, interdisciplinary R&D projects, while also inspiring designers of the CEE region.

Research Hubs

The Innovation Center conducts research across four main fields, each represented by a separate hub.

Dwindling resources, changing needs, and sustainability concerns demand that we research and develop new materials. We follow a material-driven design approach to understand and redefine the dynamic between humanity and the materials that surround us to shape the future.

Over the past decades, the surge in data generation for, about and by individuals has made data narratives increasingly complex, and often challenging for non-experts to understand. Our research aims to demystify these data narratives, enabling people to understand, interpret, and use data more effectively. By doing so, we promote clearer, more inclusive, and transparent human-data interactions in daily life.

Amid the rapid development of human/computer interaction, we at the Immersion & Interaction Hub explore the speculative scenarios of immersive environments that allow us to have a fulfilling relationship to our natural environment and our own selves.

Climate change, social inequalities, urban mobility, and other pressing issues compel us to think together about ways design can support positive changes. Our hub’s participatory, practice-based design research contributes to creating a more sustainable economy and a resilient society for everyone.

Art & Design Incubation

Our art and design-centered incubation program supports the most outstanding student projects and theses, with a focus on long-term value creation.

Core Activities

We offer a range of services and partnership opportunities. Interested? Reach out to us:

R&D Partnerships

Design-based research, commissioned research, joint grant applications and new product development.

Open Innovation

Meaningful student engagement in R&D and run needs-based hackathons and incubation programs.

Research on the CEE region's corporate design maturity.

Tailor-made Design Courses

Corporate trainings to strengthen design, innovation and research competences in real business operations.


The application platform is now open for the CoDesign4Transitions (The Sustainable Transitions through Democratic Design Doctoral Network) programme, in which the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) will play a significant role. Created in collaboration with eight universities from seven countries, the interdisciplinary doctoral programme will accept 13 candidates, one of which will have the opportunity to do research in Budapest, at MOME, for a period of three years.

Drought, famine, war, and global warming have become everyday reality. What could we do to help these take a more positive turn? The Social Design Network 2023 conference focuses on crisis and emergency management whether natural, social, or political. Use of the social design toolset can yield realistic solutions and spark positive changes, as discussed at the On the Verge: Design in Times of Crisis international conference at MOME.

The Course Week is one of MOME’s most exciting platforms for collective learning, with workshop activities spanning programmes and years for a whole week. It allows Master’s and Bachelor’s students to work together and have opportunities for interdisciplinary, in-depth study and professional dialogue. The most recent instalment of the programme in the autumn semester covered a number of current topics with a relevance not just to design.


14:00 - 17:30

The primary goal of the thematic symposium organized by MOME Innovation Center is to enliven academic public life at the university, promote knowledge transfer between disciplines and network.
17:00 - 19:00

We are organising an open session on campus to introduce you to opportunities offered by some of our partners and stakeholders.
14:00 - 17:30

During the workshop, we'll inspect what new role data can play in future urban interactions.


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