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The educational focus of the undergraduate program is jewelry design, contemporary designer approach, design thinking, and the transfer of traditional craft knowledge. During the training, students will learn how to apply the practice of jewelry design as a means of reflection in individual and social settings. The degree lays the foundation for the possibility of creative self-realization in professional life, but at the same time prepares for the continuation of studies in the master's degree cycle.

Degree studies/Full time studies are fully in English for 2 years (=4 semesters) at the graduate (MA) level, in the areas of Animation MA, Photography MA, Vehicle Design MA only.

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Head of Institute, Leader of Program: Ákos Lipóczki

Head of Department: Renáta Dezső

Department Manager: -

Department Assistant: Dóra Szabó


Duration 6 semesters
Upcoming semester 2021
Professional competences

  • contemporary approach, traditional expertise
  • design routine, craft practice
  • technological expertise
  • independent brand building, manufactory establishment
  • modern creative workshops and studios


Degree program descriptions

The MOME Jewelery and Metal Design department has a high national reputation as Hungary's leading training in the field. The educational focus of the undergraduate program is jewelry design, contemporary designer approach, design thinking, and the transfer of traditional craft knowledge. The training teaches you how to apply a thoughtful design methodology through exciting, practical, studio-based design programs during the semester and helps you create a clear and original creative voice. The courses are small in size and run by personal instructors.

Our goal is to enable students to design and create personal, unique creations that, combined with the material and technical innovations of traditional crafts, transcend individual boundaries. We strive for the designers involved in the training to create the heritage of the future by enriching people’s lives through its object culture.

Following the training of the integrated foundation training, the “Paper Jewelry” course experiments with tuning the human body and new jewelry-making habits. The task for the next semester is to design a “monolithic jewelry” made in a single material, purely sculptural way. The stereotype of gemstone jewelry will receive new content in a separate course, during which students will learn about stone polishing, classic and alternative mounting options. A special task is to design “Catwalk jewelry” related to the fashion world, designed for the catwalk, and “Costume organizing jewelry” that defines the tailoring and character of the dress.


Visual Studies

Az Ábrázolás tantárgycsoport célja a vizuális kommunikáció gyakorlati és elméleti tudásának...

Design & Making

A Tárgyalkotás ötféléves tantárgycsoport célja a kortárs tervezői szemlélet oktatása és a tradicionális...


A Tárgyalkotás szak sajátossága a kézműves alapokra épülő elmélyült, közvetlen munka az...


Head of Department
Renáta Dezső, leader of bachelor program
Ákos Levente Lipóczki DLA, head of institute, associate professor
Dóra Szabó, secretary of education
Krisztián Ádám, master teacher
Benjamin Balla A., TechPark Glass Workshop leader
András Bánfalvi DLA, associate professor
Zsuzsa Bokor, vocational teacher, senior art teacher
Péter Borkovics DLA, senior lecturer
Mónika Csák, vocational teacher, art teacher
Renáta Dezső, leader of bachelor program
Péter Kemény DLA, senior lecturer
Edit Kondor DLA, leader of master program
Zoltán Lublóy, senior lecturer
András Mohácsi DLA, associate professor, master teacher
Péter Orr, master teacher
Gergely Pattantyús, assistant professor
Guest Lecturers
János Polyák, lecturer
Dóra Szentandrási, doctoral student
Károly Takács, art teacher