The professional and scientific knowledge provided by the Object Design BA, the Ceramic Design MA and the Jewellery Design and Metalwork MA departments have an impact on the Hungarian and international object culture by responding to the most pressing challenges of the present time. The transdisciplinary university programme connects the experimental material-centred design and the design methods that reflect the values and challenges of the world around us.

The traditional craft knowledge combined with contemporary creative awareness and the changing and emerging fields of new technologies mutually encourage creative and transdisciplinary collaboration between the fields of art, craft and tangible design for object designers. The three main pillars of object design give the next generation graduating from the training the opportunity for multi-directional professional stability. These three pillars - design art with the financial background of industry, the creative arts with the financial power of the art market and the scientific fields with the academic background - strengthen the contemporary object-creator’s portfolio. 

Object Design BA includes four professional specialisation from the areas of contemporary object design. The complete educational palette is provided by the BA professional specialisation in Ceramic Design, Glass Design, Jewellery Design and Digital Object Design. The first year of the three-year long BA training provides an integrated basic training, and the second year is the start of the specific professional training. By the end of the third year, the thesis and the professional portfolio already reflect specific knowledge, which will promote the creative self-actualisation of the emerging generations and lay the foundations for continuing their studies in the MA cycle. MA currently consists of Ceramic Design MA and Jewellery Design and Metalwork MA trainings. 

Degree programs


Head of Department
Renáta Dezső, leader of bachelor program
Edit Kondor DLA, leader of master program
Ákos Levente Lipóczki DLA, head of institute, associate professor
Flóra Vági, head of master department
Dóra Szabó, secretary of education
Krisztián Ádám, master teacher
Benjamin Balla A., TechPark Glass Workshop leader
András Bánfalvi DLA, associate professor
Zsuzsa Bokor, vocational teacher, senior art teacher
Péter Borkovics DLA, senior lecturer
Mónika Csák, vocational teacher, art teacher
Fanni Csernátony, head of bachelor department
Renáta Dezső, leader of bachelor program
Péter Kemény DLA, senior lecturer
Edit Kondor DLA, leader of master program
Zoltán Lublóy, senior lecturer
András Mohácsi DLA, associate professor, master teacher
Péter Orr, master teacher
Gergely Pattantyús, assistant professor
Flóra Vági, head of master department
Guest Lecturers
János Polyák, lecturer
Dóra Szentandrási, doctoral student
Károly Takács, art teacher

Non-degree Courses


Estimated start date: spring 2021

Digital Crafting

MOMExFabLab Budapest - digital crafting course

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