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Education at the Master’s programme is accomplished in the spirit of complexity: the creative architectural design phase must be based on previous research. Students gain proficiency in both individual and group assignments and learn to understand the verticals of architectural design. Graduate students will be able to work at the most prestigious architectural firms or later on they can also undertake fully independent architectural design work.

Degree studies/Full time studies are fully in English for 2 years (=4 semesters) at the graduate (MA) level, in the areas of Animation MA, Photography MA, and Vehicle Design MA only.

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Head of Institute: Csaba Kovács 

Head of Department, Leader of Program: Balázs Marián

Institute Manager: Laura Jóföldi

Department Assistant: Adrienn Tornyos-Varga 

Duration 4 semesters
Upcoming semester 2021
Professional competences

  • applying the methodology of artistic research in the field of architecture
  • use of data and resource collection, management, selection and evaluation methods
  • high level of aesthetic and critical sense
  • applying the know-how related to the construction phase, to new technologies and to the manufacturing process as well as to the actual operational conditions
  • ability to execute design and creative processes with consistence, to make essential relevant decisions and to create an original work, under supervision
  • comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of architectural design work, from urban or landscape contexts, through architectural basic themes to interior design or micro architectural issues
  • acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to become a full-fledged architect and interior designer
  • domestic and international tenders, exhibitions, co-operations

Degree program descriptions

The Master’s programme is based on a high degree of autonomy and proactivity, where the focus is typically on project-based work rather than subjects. The studios, that offer practical programs and are led by active professionals, are places for innovative, open-minded processes of research and production and for critical discourse. Built on lasting values of international expertise and on the involvement with other disciplines, the program offers progressive and forward-looking solutions to today's environmental, social and professional challenges. 

The aim of the programme is to grant a diploma that allows graduates not only to acquire a universal and internationally interpretable knowledge, but to withstand the worldwide competition as well. Graduates are eligible for doctoral studies. 

The programme is designed to educate successful and independent artists and creators who are responsible for their own decisions, who think in bigger contexts and who always act for the community, based on eternal human values as well as on new paradigms. 

Skills and competences to be acquired:

  • Knowledge of traditional, classic and innovative materials, tools and techniques used in architecture.
  • Architecture graduates are motivated to discover, to experiment and to expand frameworks for interpretation and are driven by their own individual interest and thirst.
  • Graduates possess the capacity and the potential for one of architecture’s core values: innovation. For stepping further from conventions and for technological openness, a visionary attitude is needed, which is truly a bold gesture, but also a rewarding approach for creators.

After graduation, former students can work at architectural firms both in Hungary and abroad, but they also have the opportunity to create their own office, either independently or with the help of former fellow-students or co-creators. 


Architectural Design (architecture, interior design) 1.

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Architectural Design (architecture, interior design) 2.

Design Studio 2 aims to broaden and deepen architectural and interior design knowledge and practice. One of the key...

Architectural Design (architecture, interior design) 3.

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Architectural Design (architecture, interior design) 4.

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Technical Knowledges1.

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Technical Knowledges 2.

The aim of Technical Studies 2 is to lay the foundation for and develop the technical knowledge of architecture...

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Head of Department
Balázs Marián DLA, head of master department, leader of master program
Laura Jóföldi, institute manager
Adrienn Tornyos-Varga, secretary of education
Zsófia Csomay, honorary professor
Balázs Marián DLA, head of master department, leader of master program
Guest Lecturers
Dániel László Baló, sessional lecturer
Tamás Bene, sessional lecturer
Gergely Hartmann, sessional lecturer
Tamás Oltvai, sessional lecturer
Rita Pataky, sessional lecturer
Ferenc Radnóczi, sessional lecturer
Ferenc Vilmos Rajkai, sessional lecturer
Ákos Takács, sessional lecturer
Dominika Tihanyi, sessional lecturer
Zoltán V. Nagy, sessional lecturer
Imre Varga, sessional lecturer