About us

The MA programme aims to train graphic designers who, with their knowledge in visual arts, their social and technological skills and with their media literacy, are able to interpret situations in the context of communication, to make creative and innovative proposals and to design them at a high quality level.

Degree studies/Full time studies are fully in English for 2 years (=4 semesters) at the graduate (MA) level, in the areas of Animation MA, Photography MA, and Vehicle Design MA only.

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Head of Institute: Balázs Vargha 

Head of Programme, Programme Lead: Balázs Vargha

Programme Manager: Eszter Baranyai

Duration 4 semesters
Upcoming semester 2021
Professional competences

  • experimentation, research and innovation
  • social responsibility
  • information communication technologies
  • analytical, integrative thinking
  • an environmentally conscious approach
  • intellectual training emphasizing global values

Degree program descriptions

The objective of the MA programme is to train graphic designers who are open-minded and able to respond to global as well as local challenges with sensitivity and progressivity and who are willing to initiate using their knowledge in cultural, social and art projects. Research in design and art, experimenting, cooperation with other artistic and scientific domains are at the heart of this training along with social design, social responsibility and environmentalism.

As a result of the high professional recognition of the Graphic Design MA, our students are bound to be successful in a variety of positions in the creative industry, design and the arts, both nationally and internationally.


Experimental Design and Research

Develop experimental design, creative and research methods.

Interdisciplinary Design and Research

Develop interdisciplinary design, creative and research methods.

Conceptual Design and Research

Develop conceptual design, creative and research methods.


Head of Department
Antal Lakner, Head of the Graphic Design MA programme
Balázs Vargha, leader of master program, head of department
Eszter Baranyai, department manager
Dóra Balla DLA habil., associate professor
Antal Lakner, Head of the Graphic Design MA programme
Nagy István, Mesteroktató
Pintérné Sosity Beáta, művésztanár
Balázs Vargha, leader of master program, head of department