We offer pre-degree, undergraduate, postgraduate and short courses in 18 subjects. See the course listing below, find the perfect course at the right level and follow your passion at MOME.


The main purpose of our BA courses is to enable you to obtain a valuable and relevant diploma, with more emphasis on practical training. At the same time, it provides an appropriate theoretical foundation for further studies for the Master's level.

Our Animation BA programme focuses on the development of professional and theoretical knowledge and an individual vision, covering the essentials of animation storytelling, the authentic representation of characters, and the design of animated visuals, characters and backgrounds.

The programme focuses on providing a deeper understanding of design, visual arts and architecture. Our graduates go on to study for various master’s degrees or work at cultural institutions and agencies.

The programme is designed to help students learn the artistic and technical skills required for shaping the built environment and design processes, using an approach characterised by the trinity of architecture, interior design and furniture design.

The aim of the Product Design BA programme is to help students master design thinking and the steps of the design process from the exploration of user requirements and brainstorming to model building and preparations for execution – both in product and service design.

Students of the Photography BA programme can learn the basiscs of classic and contemporary photography and interdisciplinary creative strategies from illustrious teachers, in small group, using state-of-the-art technologies, to become style setters globally.

Whether it is developing creative communication or video content, producing visual landscapes, experimenting with new technologies or creating kinetic installations, our Media Design BA programme offers a solid knowledge base and media design approach.

Students can develop traditional craftmanship combining contemporary creative awareness and the latest technologies, enabling transdisciplinary collaborations in art, craft and design.

Students of the BA in Graphic Design are internationally competitive in their ability to use visuality as a tool for communicating and interpreting information. The course takes you through media such as posters, books, visual identity and interactive digital interfaces.

We train versatile designers who, in addition to mastering specific competencies, will also gain an understanding of the social, economic and cultural factors influencing the industry. Our students can choose from a range of specialisations such as clothing design, accessory design, woven fabric design, knit fabric design and print fabric design.


Our Master courses provide a more specialized qualification with a greater theoretical emphasis. It gives you the opportunity to specialize in a multi-directional way, following your initial education. The advantage of a multi-cycle system is that it does not only allow you to complete a master's degree in a particular area after completing some specialist training.

From the 2023/24 academic year, the programme will only be available in English language. Our Animation MA programme trains animation film directors, VFX directors and animation artists who can develop and produce animation projects independently or as a crew lead, with a special focus on encouraging the development of individual forms of expression.

Our graduates work at museums and galleries, design and advertising agencies, write for art magazines, are involved in teaching and research.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, graduates with an emphasis on developing business and communication skills can find jobs in design companies, cultural institutions, the art market, exhibition spaces or even the media.

The Design and Visual Arts Teacher training programme provides designers, architects and media students holding or currently pursuing an MA with pedagogical foundations and skills, as well as a new degree. State-funded semesters in teacher training are available regardless of and in addition to state-funded training periods available in other programmes, for up to 4 additional semesters.

Our students can deepen their research and expertise in three areas, fashion, textile and costume design, to meet the highest professional challenges as expert and confident designers.

From the 2023/24 academic year, the programme will only be available as Object Design MA. Our Master Program in Jewelery Design and Metalworking helps you build a work or collection based on a personal individual research proposal. The philosophy of the training strikes a balance between material and technical innovation and more traditional craft techniques and historical craft traditions.

The Architecture MA programme delivers training with an emphasis on complexity, and architectural conceptualisation grounded in research. Students gain proficiency in both individual and group assignments, and an understanding of all aspects of architectural design.

From the 2023/24 academic year, the programme will only be available in English language. The training is problem-oriented and experimental, teaching students technical skills and design methods to help develop innovative solutions adapted to our highly changeable and complex environment.

From the 2022/23 academic year, the programme will only be available in English language. Our Photography MA programme trains open-minded and highly autonomous artists who are able to respond sensitively and progressively to the challenges of the world, supported by state-of-the-art technology and renowned teachers.

From the 2023/24 academic year, the programme will only be available as Object Design MA. Whether for developing their own subject or one picked those assigned, students will receive support from their supervisors and can deepen their craft skills at the Campus workshops to become genuine masters in their own right.

The Media Design MA programme prepares students to become – as multimedia designers – key players and leaders in creating media artworks, as well as in the creative processes of the creative, entertainment, and advertistement industries, media arts, and applied visual design.

Our MA programme enables students to become open-minded professionals who are receptive to global trends and local challenges, and can provide sustainable responses through material-oriented solutions. 

The aim of the Graphic Design MA programme is to train graphic designers who are able to respond sensitively and progressively to global and local challenges and apply their knowledge in their role as an initiator in social, cultural and artistic projects.


From the academic year of 2023/2024, four Master courses start in English: Animation, Design, Interaction Design and Photography.

Apart from launching its program entirely in English language from 2023 MOME Anim MA extends its portfolio by adding two new lines of specialisation to the existing Animation Director program: Video Game studies and Immersive Storytelling.

We train strategically-minded design professionals. Using a proactive entrepreneurial mindset they will be able to develop and implement projects to shape an inclusive and sustainable world for future generations.

Our Photography MA programme trains open-minded and highly autonomous artists who are able to respond sensitively and progressively to the challenges of the world, supported by state-of-the-art technology and renowned teachers.

We train experts who will play a leading role in designing the most innovative digital services of the future. Our graduate designers are familiar with the international scene and its opportunities, and are well-equipped to make a significant impact on digital culture.


Our multidisciplinary doctoral school pursues its activities in three design and art disciplines (DLA in architecture, DLA in applied arts, DLA in multimedia arts, practice-led doctoral degrees) and one scientific field (PhD in art history, theory-based doctoral degree), building on the coherence and interdisciplinary collaboration of the four disciplines.

DLA in Architecture, DLA in Design, DLA in Multimedia

PhD in Arts (Design Theory), PhD Programme in Design Culture Studies


Postgraduate courses can be followed after obtaining a BA or MA diploma certificate. These postgraduate trainings build on previous studies. During its 2-4 semesters, students can acquire deeper knowledge, a broader expertise and a higher proficiency in their selected fields.

During the semester, we aim to furnish our colleagues working in the cultural scene or intending to work in this field, with knowledge to reinvent their activities proactively and independently, along the most recent aspects and criteria of cultural management.

Hungary is also putting a great importance on improving the competitiveness of museums, on increasing visitor-friendliness, on modernizing the infrastructure and on establishing completely new public institutions. Currently, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design is the only institution where you can study museum management in Hungary.


We offer courses to help you prepare for the entrance examination of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. In addition to improving your basic artistic skills, we will also help you develop a designer mindset. The high level of education is ensured by the curriculum approved by MOME departments, the diverse programme structure and a team of instructors associated with MOME.

Előkészítő kurzusunkon a Designkultúra alapszak felvételijéhez szükséges szakmai előismereteket sajátíthatod el. Az órákon lesznek művészettörténeti, designelméleti előadások, esszéírás, valamint tárgyelemzés. A kurzus alatt egyaránt várható önálló terepmunka és gyakorlati oktatás is.

Az előkészítő során a különféle médiumokban történő alkotás lehetőségeivel ismerkedhetsz meg. Az előadások alatt a dokumentum, megrendezett, kísérleti fotográfia neves alkotóira és legfőbb műveikre koncentrálunk. A fotográfiai ismeretek – fotótörténet, utómunka, fotótechnika – elsajátításán túl a személyes projektek támogatása és folyamatos építése is fontos része a kurzusnak. A tanfolyam alatt különös hangsúlyt kap az otthoni munka, és a tanfolyamon kívüli képek készítése és azokról való gondolkodás.

A kurzus célja, a portfóliód összeállításán túl, hogy belekóstolhass a tárgytervezés és az alkotás világába, megalapozd a tudásod a későbbi egyetemi tanulmányaidhoz. Az órákon megismerkedhetsz a tervezés lényeges szakaszaival, a téma felvetésén és a kutatáson át, a digitális tárgyalkotásig. Izgalmas és aktuális tematikákkal, felvezető prezentációkkal és közös konzultációkkal hangolódhatsz majd az órai- és az egyéni alkotómunkákra.


MOME OPEN aims to fill the knowledge transfer gaps of the 21st century by creating and operating training areas in the arts, culture, education and business, and to train an outstanding workforce to fill the skills and competency gaps in the creative industries.

The theoretical and practical sessions will give you a comprehensive overview of the proper technical foundations of archviz and the artistic principles that make a standout image. You will be mentored by Brick artists who have gathered years of experience by working on the most prestigious international projects. The course is recommended for complete beginners or novice 3D artists and architects who want to learn a future-proof profession.

In this masterclass, you can learn how to scale positive impact in business beyond purpose-washing and a vague marketing message, and turn it into a true business driver. Through the course of theoretical understanding of business modeling techniques for sustainable and impactful venturing, workshops for developing positive sum business models and building multi-party innovation ecosystems, detailed dissection of case studies, you can get a new and contemporary view on impactful business.

There are three things that make creative teamwork really effective: a team of people from diverse backgrounds, a methodology that fosters creativity and a skilled facilitator. If you've seen Design Thinking in practice, you've experienced how effective collaboration can be with a few simple tools. In our course, you can learn how to apply them effectively in your own projects, involving others in the thinking and getting the most out of your team!

A workshop célja a filmgyártás területén dolgozó producerek, gyártásvezetők, művészek, és más filmes szakemberek számára közérthető módon átadni a filmkészítés folyamata során felmerülő egyes szerzői jogi kérdéseket.

A MOME Insight egy a kutatásra fókuszáló gyakorlati képzés, ahol Magyarország tapasztalt, kutatással foglalkozó szakemberei osztják meg tudásukat. A tanfolyam a UX terület alapismereteire épít, és egészíti ki a gyakran használt kutatási módszerek ismeretével (interjúzás, naplókutatás, megfigyelés, kérdőívek, usability tesztelés), gyakorlati alkalmazásukkal, és közvetlenül hasznosítható tanácsokkal. Példákon keresztül ismerheted meg, hogyan lehet a kvalitatív kutatással feltérképezni a problémateret, és a kapott eredményeket hatékonyan analizálni és értelmezni.

Digitális product designer (UX/UI designer) tanfolyamunkon a user experience design folyamatait, eszközeit tanulhatod meg. Feladatként egy interaktív termék prototípust valósíthatsz meg, ami nemcsak segít elsajátítani a módszertant, de érthetővé teszi a tervezés egyes lépéseinek összefüggését a teljes folyamaton belül. A tanfolyam ívét a Design Thinking kollaboratív fókuszú eszköztára adja, melyet a User-Centered Design digitális eszközeivel egészítünk ki. A tanfolyamon ezáltal nagy hangsúlyt fektetünk a csapatmunkára és a tudatos és empatikus tervezésre.

A Streetfotó tanfolyam bevezet az utcai fotográfia és a dokumentarizmus ismereteibe, a gyakorlati tapasztalatszerzés mellett pedig a nélkülözhetetlen elméleti hátteret is felöleli. A kurzus során a résztvevők az egyszerű emlékképek elkészítésétől eljutnak az önkifejezésig, amikor már képeik mások számára is izgalmas alkotásokká válnak. A résztvevők a képzés alatt az egyszerű hétköznapok eseményeit dokumentálják, olykor rendezvényeken, közügyeket érintő eseményeken fotózhatnak.
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